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Jim is obviously the new black.

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[19 Sep 2005|11:56am]

[07 May 2005|01:43pm]

Definitely saw Jim last night. He's such a peach. I gave him two dollars and some peanut m&m's. He gave me free stickers, which I'm pretty sure he does for everyone, but he's still nice.
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SERIOUSLY. [02 Jan 2005|06:33am]

who does not think my icon is the coolest thing everrrrr?
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[26 Dec 2004|05:31am]
This community died.

Merry Christmas.
Jims The New Black

[13 Dec 2004|11:35pm]

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not that i have anything to say, but we needed an update. [05 Oct 2004|12:57pm]

[ mood | bored ]

uh. chelsea and i don't have tickets to the christmas shows. we blame our parents, cause that's what we do best. we're working on it though, man.

4 days until my birthday:)

Jims The New Black

[15 Nov 2004|09:43am]
Anyone have two tickets that they are willing to sell for the Metro show on December 29th? If you do could you e-mail me on MeRmaiD xC@aol.com or IM me on mosh not war. Thanks.
Jims The New Black

[08 Nov 2004|10:00pm]

[ mood | sick ]

check that shit out.
it's hella funny.


Jims The New Black

[07 Nov 2004|02:11pm]
hey kids. if any of you are going to either of the chicago shows, hit either me or joann up on aim, k? we'll talk about meeting up. i swear we're not mean. we're quite funny actually.. if you actually can understand our humor. if you're afraid to AIM us, don't worry you'll probably see us aimlessly walking around wearing hey jim shirts. ps: one of the days joann'll be wearing a shirt that says "i<3jewishboys" (it can't be kids because we don't want her sounding like a pedophile do we? haha)

p.s. I take that back. My parents decide when they are buying the tickets for me that I'm not going. Wow. Who would like to buy me tickets?
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[ mood | aggravated ]

please vote tomorrow. make up for the fact that i can't.

if you do, i'll give you a cookie. chyeah

if you don't vote and i ever hear you complaining about our country, i will personally whoop your ass. i may be less than 5 feet, but i can get you. i don't even care if you are for kerry or bush. or even nader. pssst. i'm leaning towards kerry. but i still kind of like bush.dontkillme ha

ps: today we talked about politics in class and i felt smart because i'm the only one that knows ANYTHING haha it was awesome. i hate the electoral college. boo. it's really interesting though.

Jims The New Black

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